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Products Showroom >> Mechanical Seals >> Refurbishment Services

Refurbishment Services


Chin Cheung can provide a full refurbishment service for used mechanical seals, to bring them back 'as new'. The cost of this service is typically about 40% of the cost of a brand new mechanical seal. We will physically have to inspect the mechanical seal to ensure that it is suitable for refurbishment and will be able to provide a quotation as this early stage.


All these services are as follows:

-Cleaned or sand blasted, inspected for factory tolerance,

-Supply new faces if required (otherwise lapped), new springs, new elastomer ( rubber boot or o-rings), new set screws,

-Upgraded by replacing Carbon faces with Silicon or Tungsten Carbide for better performance of seal.   




Before Refubishment 






After Refubishment



If you have a mechanical seal for refurbishment, please call us on +852 2789-2028 to discuss further.

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