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Products Showroom >> Compression Packings >> Style 1251 High Carbon Fiber With Graphite Braided Packing


 Style 1251 High Carbon Fiber With Graphite Braided Packing






RaloTex Style 1251 is made of a proprietary High Carbonized Fiber with Graphite Braided Packing made of special high temperature carbon yarns, impregnated with graphite mix.

It is able to bear high temperature and pressure, and helps prevent abrasion and also help to minimize the effects of electrolytic pitting of the valve stem.


Application: All fluids, chemical and petrochemical industries, power stations against steam, water, oils, strong alkalis, strong acids and chemicals for pumps and valves.


Technical data:

Temperature: -200~+650 oC

PH: 0-14  Speed: 25 m/s


Rotating: To 25 bar

Reciprocating: To 100 bar

Static: To 300 bar


Product standard:

Size: 1/8” ~1”, 3.0mm~25mm

Packaging: 8 M/box