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Hydraulic / Pneumatic Seals:

We supply a wide range of standard and custom sized seals for Pneumatic / Hydraulic cylinders.


These include:-

Dust / Wiper Seals

Rod Seals

Piston Seals

Backup Ring

Wear / Guide / Slide Rings or Tapes

Quad / X-Rings

Seals with Meander / Winding springs

Vee Packing Seals

T-Seals / L-Cup Seals

Oil Seals etc


Custom Made Seals:

Chin Cheung Seals Utilizes a state of the art machining process to produce seals in

any dimensions from a wide variety of profiles and materials. Seals are made from

specially formulated elastomers and engineering plastic materials to accommodate

this machining process.


Please contact us for a catalogue of profiles we offer.