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Products Showroom >> PTFE Products >> RaloTex RALSEAL Style 3000 Cord Gasket


 RaloTex RALSEAL Style 3000 Cord Gasket






Ralseal Style 3000 Cord Gasket is a new marshmallow like product made of 100% PTFE, which is developed by highly specific treatment the PTFE Fluorocarbon material.


Application: steel, glass-lined, PVC and fiberglass pipe flanges, fume ducts, concrete lids, heat exchangers, fiber glass reinforced plastic vessels, pump housing flanges, steam vessel flanges, manhole and manhole covers, ceramic joints, ventilation ducts, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, water supply systems and turbine cases..


Technical data:

Appearance : Very white, tough and strong, yet soft with a marshmallowy feel. Continuous cord form with a self-adhesive backing strip

Colour: White

Temperature: -270~+315 oC

PH: 0-14 

Pressure: To 3000 psi

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Flammability: Non-flammable (Autoignition Temp : 939+/- 100F)


Product standard:

Size: 1/8” ~1”, 3.0mm~25mm

Packaging: 5~30 M/box