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 Gauge Glass




Reflex or Transparent type

Our supplied safety sight glasses are proven and used all over the world whenever visual inspections under extreme temperature or pressure conditions are required in steam vessels, pressure tanks or pipeline systems.

The high safety level is secured by special borosilicate glass of high chemical durability, exceptional purity and homogeneity. Along with a low thermal expansion, which is typical for borosilicate glass, thermal pre-stressing (tempering) creates a particularly high resistance to sudden changes in temperature.


Technical data:

Max. Temp. : 320 oC

Pressure : up to 400 bar


Product standard:

Thickness: 17, 21 mm

Width: 30, 34 mm

Length: 95-500 mm

Type : A, B, C, H, TA


Compliance with all relevant safety standards
Supplied in accordance to national and international regulations and standards as:
DIN 7080/7081
BS 3463
Austrian Standard (Ö-Norm) M7353/7354
JIS B 8211
SCHOTT AUER USA-Specification